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We provide the following Milwaukee landscaping and landscape maintenance services: retaining wall installation, patio brick and stone installation, and garden installation (including flower gardens, rock gardens and water gardens).

When it comes to landscaping, Milwaukee homes never seem to have enough. Or, at least, few of them do. When you consider the many benefits that professional landscaping services can provide, this is a shame – and a missed opportunity for Milwaukee property owners.

The Benefits of Professional Landscaping in Milwaukee
Hiring a professional landscaping company to care for your lawns and gardens is one vital way that Milwaukee property owners can maintain and increase the value of their properties. In fact, there are many benefits to hiring a landscaper, including:

  • High-quality, professional landscaping can dramatically alter how an outdoor space looks, feels and is enjoyed. For residential landscapes, this means increased enjoyment, increased property values, and increased owner satisfaction. For commercial Milwaukee landscapes, this means increased patronage and customer satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that consumers choose to patronize businesses with landscaping elements such as trees and plants much more than businesses that do not invest in beautifying their landscapes.
  • Strategically placed landscaping elements can dramatically reduce energy consumption. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, landscaping design can reduce heating, cooling and water costs, with annual energy consumption being reduced by as much as 25%.
  • The positive health benefits of nature are well documented. From asthma and depression to heart health and stress response, natural environments have been shown to have significant health benefits for people, and professional landscaping brings nature to spaces that might otherwise go without.

In short, beautiful landscaping in Milwaukee offers myriad benefits. It improves property values, it improves business, and it improves lives. So, once you know that you need a landscaping company to care for your Milwaukee property, how do you go about finding one that will meet your needs?

How to Find a Good Milwaukee Landscaper
With so many amateur landscapers in Milwaukee, it can be hard to know whom to trust. Whether you need landscaping for a new home or you’re hoping to raise your resale value by investing in value-boosting flower beds and shrubbery, turning your landscaping maintenance over to an amateur can result in wasted time, wasted money, and a lot of lifeless dirt.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your chances of finding a good landscaping company in Milwaukee:

  • Know what you’re looking for in a landscaper. Are you looking for a complete landscaping makeover for your property, or do you just need a flower bed planted? Do you want to go all out with relaxing fountains, a gazebo, and a bright butterfly garden, or are you looking for something more understated? Do you need help with landscape design, or do you already know what you want? Answering these questions before you look can help you find the right landscaper for your needs.
  • Research local landscaping companies. Go to their websites (Do they have trustworthy websites with plenty of service information and testimonials?), look for them online (Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau, and have people reviewed them favorably online?), and find out how long they have been in business (Do they have plenty of real, professional experience?).
  • Ask about landscaping guarantees. Some professional landscapers offer guarantees for their service. Even if it’s just “we’re not satisfied until you are,” knowing that your landscape contractor will take action if you’re not happy with your landscaping service is a good thing.
  • Go local. A Milwaukee landscaping company will have a better idea of how to care for our local plants and trees. They’ll know which perennials, annuals and tree species survive in our unique climate and soil (as opposed to somewhere else in the state) and which species don’t.
  • Ask about a portfolio. If the Milwaukee landscapers that you’re considering don’t have photo galleries or portfolios online, ask to see some of their work. There’s no better way to judge the quality and beauty of their landscaping maintenance and design services than seeing picture proof.

All Care Commercial and Residential Landscaping in Milwaukee
If you need a new landscaper, consider us. We offer a comprehensive list of landscaping services in the Milwaukee area, including:

And, when you choose All Care, you and your landscaping will benefit from our 20 years of professional experience caring for residential and commercial landscapes throughout Milwaukee. We’re meticulous and exacting because your property deserves no less.

For more information about our Milwaukee landscaping services, call us today at 414-351-9101. We offer commercial and residential landscaping maintenance in Milwaukee and throughout the area.