Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup Services for Milwaukee

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Did you know that excessive amounts of fallen leaves around beds, trees and property can lead to rodent infestation, the spread of leaf-borne mold and fungal diseases, poor soil aeration, and a host of other problems? Who knew a few leaves could cause so much damage? Spare yourself the risk and protect your landscaping and property with an annual fall cleanup.

For affordable fall cleanup services that will help maintain the look and value of your property and landscaping, contact All Care Landscaping. Our reliable team of Milwaukee landscaping and lawn maintenance specialists will:

  • Blow out leaves and light debris
  • Pick up fallen fruit, garbage, twigs and light debris
  • Apply mulch to protect plants from winter frost heave
  • Haul away leaves, debris and garbage to meet municipal regulations

We offer FREE ESTIMATES for fall cleanup services for residential and commercial properties, so give us a call at 414-351-9101.