Tree Service Milwaukee

For Milwaukee tree service, residents have turned to All Care Service Corp for over 20 years. Our professional tree service teams know how important trees and shrubs are in creating a good-looking landscape. That’s why you can trust us to keep your trees and shrubs tidy and appealing.

Our tree services include:

Tree and Shrub Removal

If you have a dead, dying or troublesome tree or shrub that needs to be removed, you can trust All Care Service Corp. to efficiently and safely remove it. Our skilled and trained tree removal specialists prioritize the safety of people and property throughout the removal process.

Stump Grinding

We thoroughly and completely remove all surface roots, as well as grind out all underground tree roots to at least 6” below the surface. This gives you a level, good-looking landscape with which to create your new landscape.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Our tree and shrub trimming services will keep your trees and shrubs looking their best. Not only does regular trimming keep your greenery looking good, it can also improve the health of your trees and shrubs (by inhibiting overgrowth that limits the amount of water and sunlight plants receive).

Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning services help keep your trees and shrubs healthy by removing dead and diseased limbs before they become a liability. We also offer topiary pruning services for unique landscapes and environments.

To learn more about our Milwaukee tree services, call us today at 414-351-9101. We’re eager to help you transform your landscape!