Rain Barrels

An attractive, artsy and Earth-cognizant way of getting water to your trees and bushes is to use a water barrel. Summers can be unpredictable at times. When a drought is upon us very little can be done as far as harvesting water. But during periods of steady rain, rain barrels can keep you stocked up through fall.

Rain barrels come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Finagle your gutter system to spout water directly into the barrel; or, set out your barrel to collect rain water as it falls. Various attachments and additions keep leaves and critters out and your water safe for lawn and garden use.

The pressure and amount necessary for a sprinkler system may not be an appropriate use for a rain barrel. Shop around online or at your closest hardware or garden store. You will find that most of them will have spigots at the bottom for easy pouring, or attach a garden hose for some cross-lawn coverage. Check out your town hall for other affordable options.

Many barrels are begging for color, too! Appeal to your artistic side—or your kids’! After applying a base coat, simple acrylic paints can be used to give your yard a unique taste. And don’t forget the polyurethane topcoat to protect it from the elements!

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