Dear Sir/Ms.,

The first part of June, I contacted your company to have someone stop by and work up an estimate for a landscaping project. A day or two later, a gentleman by the name of Florencio Garcia stopped by and we went around the yard outlining what I would like to have done. Florencio was very attentive and informative. He listened to my ideas and concerns, and offered his advice as appropriate. We covered the removal of one tree and the pruning of another in the front yard. Then discussed the regrading and laying of sod for the front yard. I included a strip along the other side of the drive as well. We then moved on to the back yard. Florencio suggested that we just regrade and fill in the yard with top soil and then seed the entire back yard. It made sense to me and I appreciated his input. He said that he would fertilize and use a mulch to hold seed in place. In addition, I outlined trouble growing grass by the concrete foundation of my garage back wall. We agreed to dig out. Edge, line, and fill with stone a strip along the back wall to eliminate the burnout. He also noticed that the pattern of bare spots indicated to him that ants were infesting the yard. He dug up a few spots and showed me the ant tunnels. He treated the entire yard (front and back) for ant infestation.  I did not connect ants and bare spots so really appreciated the information. We did a quick review and he left. Florencio got back to me in a day with a full estimate and outlined in the estimate all costs and exactly what he would be doing. After my wife and I reviewed three different company estimates, we agreed that All Care was the right company for our project. I must admit, Florencio’s personality, knowledge, and professionalism swayed our decision greatly. He represents your company well.  We found the price very competitive and committed to the project.

This past week, Wednesday and Thursday, a landscaping crew from All Care came to my residence in Brown Deer to provide the landscaping services. The crew leader, Poncho, introduced himself and we went over the items to be done. He was knowledgeable of the things that needed to be done and began the work. My apologies but I did not get the names of the two young men that he brought along but they were friendly as well. I was impressed by everyone in the crew as to their work ethic and attention to detail. This crew was in tune with each other and after the first hour or so, I felt very comfortable with them and their work. They were all business and moved from one thing to the next. It was really nice to see the project develop and know that it was being done right. If Poncho wasn’t sure of something he would ask me. They cleaned up at the end of each day which I appreciated. They completed the entire project in the two days. Florencio stopped a few times to check on things and touch base with me. Florencio stopped again today to just check if everything was ok and dropped off some instructions for watering the sod and grass seed. Everything he said would be done was completed and done well.

My wife, Barb, and I are very happy with the end results. Actually the final look exceeds our expectations and I attribute that to Florencio, Poncho, and crew. I understand that some of the neighbors that saw the work being done have contacted All Care. We are pleased with the service and people. We will recommend All Care to anyone and everyone if they are looking for landscaping or lawn care. If you need to show someone your work, they are welcome to pass by and take a look. If I am home, I will gladly answer any questions they may have about our experience.

In closing, Kudos to All Care for its high standards and having true professionals as employees. Also, Kudos to Florencio, Poncho, and crew for an outstanding job. We appreciated your skills and dedication to making our home reflect our vision.

Sincere Regards,
James R. Mirkes