Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a sad day for homeowners but practicing safe tree removal can help keep it from becoming tragic. Disease, pests or storm damage are the most common reasons for tree removal. Each of these conditions can make the tree unstable, making it more likely to fall.

For safety reasons, trees over twenty feet tall should be removed by a tree service company. Smaller trees can safely be removed by the homeowner by following a few basic steps. Smaller trees can often be cut clean through at ground level if they can clear obstacles such as buildings, cars, people, and power lines. Larger trees will require a little more work for safe removal.

Never go outside and begin cutting trees without a plan. Consider the location of the tree and how tall it is. Is it close to power lines, buildings or other obstacles? If so, how small will the branches need to be to fall in the available space around the tree? Does the tree have more branches on one side than the other? Which was does it lean? A tree will fall more easily towards the lean or the side with larger, heavier branches. Is the tree diseased or damaged in some way that may cause it to fall one way or the other? Most importantly, have a couple of escape routes in case the tree doesn’t fall as anticipated.

Be properly outfitted to stay safe during tree removal. Wear a hard hat, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves and pants. Be sure harnesses, ropes, and chainsaws are in good condition and free of rust or frays.

When working on larger trees, always begin at the top of the tree removing branches on your way towards the ground. This procedure should also be followed when cutting the trunk, using appropriate cutting techniques: cut halfway through on the side the tree should fall towards, and make a smaller cut above this one on the other side allowing the tree to fall.

Stumps should never be pulled out of the ground with a vehicle, as a large enough stump can damage the vehicle’s frame or cause other pricey repairs. This is to say nothing of what the vehicle might do to the lawn while struggling with the stump. A smaller stump can be dug out by hand or with a stump grinder. Large stumps are best left to your Milwaukee tree service company.