Tree Trimming

Give your trees and bushes their utmost potential to fruit and grow by trimming away obtrusive and dead branches. An annual pruning anytime spring through fall will make your tree more balanced—inside and out. Crucial parts get the sun they deserve, and your plant’s shape will become bigger, stronger and more distinguished.

And that’s what you want your guests to see when you’re busy entertaining outside! As you’re grilling out or sipping on a cool beverage, you can see how it improves the look and value of your home.

Don’t forget how safety plays in landscaping, too! Dead branches and off-balanced trees can become a liability during heavy storms. While we can’t anticipate the errant branch or two, too-dead limbs can fall unexpectedly and cause exorbitant damage for your property, or perhaps threaten the safety of your friends, family or neighbors.

If you’re comfortable doing the job yourself, long-handled pruning shears and a keen eye will get the job done. For larger—and more dangerous jobs—call us to handle it!

We at All Care are available for all Milwaukee landscaping and maintenance needs.